Moving to a Newsletter!

i somehow have posted everywhere but here, but, as the tin says, i’ve decided to migrate over to a newsletter rather than continue blogging on wordpress.

i decided to retire my wordpress blog and commit fully to a newsletter, partly because the wordpress editor is now SO glitchy, but mainly because managing both a blog and a newsletter meant i couldn’t properly manage either one. so, newsletter it is!

the newsletter will function like, well, a newsletter in that it will deliver news (expect another email sometime before my debut day in just TEN days!!!), but i’ll also use it to talk about various media.

this means books, yes, but also my other love, tv shows. i’ll be reviving a series i did on my blog talking about favorite characters, and i’ll be updating some favorite blog posts and sending them out in newsletter format (i.e. more condensed).

at some point i’ll also figure out the best way to do a q&a/ama series!

so, to summarize, follow the newsletter for:

✨ news and updates
✨ cover reveals
✨ event announcements
✨ what i’m reading and watching
✨ life updates
✨ interesting articles/vids/factoids
✨ favorite character series
✨ publishing info/advice
✨ q&a/AMA
✨ whatever tickles my fancy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

you can subscribe at https://hadeerelsbai.substack.com/

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