OwlCrate August 2018 Unboxing!


My final OwlCrate box! My final book box! I adore OwlCrate, even more than I adored FairyLoot, but alas, I need to be more financially circumspect in the coming year. So, anything that’s not necessary has to go! Plus, I’ve been getting less and less interested in YA fantasy, and they tend to make up the bulk of OwlCrate books, so…yeah.

I was 99% certain what the book of the month was going to be, and I was right! I’m tentatively excited about it because it’s gotten some good reviews, buuuuut I’ve been burned by hyped books before, so we’ll see.

Let’s get to the August 2018 OwlCrate box! Continue reading “OwlCrate August 2018 Unboxing!”


Owlcrate July 2018 Unboxing!


Drumroll? Drumroll!

I’ve been so excited for this box! Ever since I heard that the theme would be “Strange & Unusual” I was captivated! I thought it was a strange theme for July, certainly more suitable for October than the midst of summer. I couldn’t for the life of me guess what the book was, since it was described as a “reimagining of a beloved classic novel, mixed with the supernatural fun of Ghostbusters.” It also features a “Victorian Gothic setting” and a “glimpse into the Occult”.

Now that I’ve seen the book and thought about it, it makes sense, but I have to say I was positively shocked at the book choice! I wasn’t expecting it at all! So let’s just get into this so I can talk to y’all about the book! Continue reading “Owlcrate July 2018 Unboxing!”