Anticipated 2022 Releases (Part I)

As always, there are so many new releases I’m excited about. And as always, I’ve tried to be circumspect and discerning and have failed miserably, as I have 40 books on this list. Alas.

I’m doing this a bit differently this time. Normally, I have two most anticipated posts, and I separate them by release date (i.e. post number one includes January to June releases, while post number two includes July to December releases). However, because so many books are yet to have release dates or covers, what I’m going to do is just include all of my most anticipated books that do have release dates and covers, and in the second part of this post, which will probably come sometime in April or May 2022, I’ll post all the rest once details have been released.

I’m also breaking it up by genre this time, just to shake things up. Oh, and everything not indicated as YA is adult, as my enjoyment of YA has greatly declined, and therefore there are very few YA releases on this list (only 3, and all from authors I’ve already read and liked). I am also making the executive decision not to include sequels, but offhand, I am looking forward to Rebecca Roanhorse’s Fevered Star, Hannah Whitten’s For the Throne, and Tasha Suri’s The Oleander Sword.

Anyway, onto the books!

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Most Anticipated Releases for 2020

No explanation needed, but I just gotta say this is such a fun post to write, and I definitely refer back to my 2019 posts a lot; it functions as a nice TBR. I’m only including books that have release dates and covers announced, and, just like I did for 2019, will probably post another post like this during the summer that covers all the other books that have been announced.

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Most Anticipated Releases for the Remainder of 2019

Last year, I did a post about my most anticipated releases of 2019. As I was perusing it I realized that a) I haven’t read half the books on the list even though they have either been released or I have ARCs and b) I really only talked about books that were coming out up until August, with the exception of one single book. There’s a bunch of new releases I’m looking forward to for the rest of the year, so why not talk about a whole other bunch of books I probably won’t read until like two years after their release date!

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Most Anticipated 2019 Releases

I thought I did a post like this for 2018, but apparently not (or I just can’t find it). Anyway, most people have been doing posts like this, and this week’s Top 5 Wednesday features this topic, so here’s a list of the books I am most looking forward to in 2019! Brace yourselves for a looooong post; I could not narrow it down to just five, so…yeah, long post.

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