Fireside Chats: How to Read Nonfiction

As a history major, one of my required courses was historiography, or the study of historical writing. I didn’t retain very much from the course, mainly because it was taught through the lens of colonial American history, which at the time did not interest me in the slightest (and still doesn’t, unless it’s filtered through Hamilton), but one thing my professor taught us left an indelible mark, and that thing was: how to read a historical monograph.

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Fireside Chats: Librarianship, Career Goals, and Coming Full Circle

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I knew I wanted to be a librarian the moment I entered Trinity College Library in Dublin. The visit came at the close of a whirlwind three-week study abroad trip all around Ireland. I had already witnessed ancient castles, tiny fishing hamlets, cozy villages with cobblestone lanes, herds of sheep, crystal-clear lakes, rugged mountains, and so much greenery I could have cried. And yet, when I entered the Long Room, I was awed.

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Fireside Chats: Life Update + Some Musings


I realize this is, strictly speaking, a book/media blog and nothing more, but hey, I’m a Livejournal transplant, so I’m accustomed to sharing bits and pieces of my life online. Granted, Livejournal was a much more private platform, so I’ll be more circumspect than I normally would be. But I think it will be good for me to write out a few things. All of this to say, I tend to ramble, so feel free to skip. Continue reading “Fireside Chats: Life Update + Some Musings”