FairyLoot May 2018 Unboxing


The FairyLoot box arrived so much quicker this month! It just shipped out like two days ago and already it’s here. This is kind of bittersweet as this is my final month of FairyLoot. HOWEVER I decided to go for a 3-month subscription to OwlCrate. It’s like $60 cheaper, plus FairyLoot keeps giving me these very obscure books, so I figured I’d try another subscription service. But in any case, let’s go to the unboxing for this month! Continue reading “FairyLoot May 2018 Unboxing”


FairyLoot March 2018 Unboxing

I have been wanting to subscribe to FairyLoot for ages. But I was leery of the cost. I still am, if I’m being honest. This book subscription service is hella expensive, especially since it has to ship from the UK…the shipping prices alone make my eyes bug out. But I have been wanting it for so long I said YOLO and decided to spring for a three-month subscription. March is my first month, and it just so happens to be the anniversary month, so the box is a lovely purple shade, and everything within was delightful!

Continue reading “FairyLoot March 2018 Unboxing”