2020 Scrapbook

This post is coming a lot later than usual because I almost didn’t do it, because I got lazy, but then I remembered how much I love coming back and looking at an overall wrap-up of the new media I discovered and loved in the year.

So, as usual, this is a compilation of media newly discovered; except for TV and theatre, it’s not a record of absolutely everything I watched or listened to, but just my favorites, or the things I want to remember.

I really thought I hadn’t consumed very much television this year, but I actually watched quite a lot, including a summer of tons and tons of British crime dramas, which I totally forgot about! Other highlights include a lot of Arabic music, seeing Hamilton on TV, managing to see two whole live shows before the pandemic came crashing down, and making a total 180 on Dakota Fanning.

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2021 Bookish Resolutions

For 2020 I made a 20 Things to Do in 2020 list, and I actually didn’t do too bad on the things that I had any sort of control over. But considering the only thing we know about how 2021 is going to shake out is that we’re probably gonna still be quarantining for at least half the year, I thought I’d keep my goals modest and stick to a small number of bookish resolutions rather than an expansive 21 Things to Do list.

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end of year: accomplishments and resolutions

2019 Accomplishments & Reflections

2019 has been a year of many firsts. To that end, it’s been a rather successful year for me. More than that, I feel like it’s been a very busy year; I think I’ve had something to look forward to nearly every month, which is novel but welcome! I didn’t do this type of reflective post for 2018, but I think this year it’s much needed, as so much happened that I definitely need to process it somewhere.

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