Book Review: Working on a Song, the Lyrics of Hadestown

Working on a Song: the Lyrics of HADESTOWN
Anais Mitchell

Plume, 2020

There was no way I was going to rate this anything less than five stars, given my absolute sentimentality regarding HADESTOWN. For context: I first listened to and loved the original album way back in 2010, spent years and years hoping it would one day make it to the theater, rejoiced when it premiered at the New York Theater Workshop, and proceeded to attend three times. The NYTW production was a magical experience, all three times. When the Broadway cast recording came out, I listened to bits and pieces here and there, enough to know that, unfortunately it was a disappointment compared to the original album and the NYTW production.

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How I Got My Book Deal: The Road So Far

There’s a reason the title has a Supernatural reference, and it’s not just because I am, unfortunately, a genuine Supernatural fan (I mean, it is partly that).

I also realize I’m doing this a bit backwards, as I never actually wrote the classic How I Got An Agent post, because I’m lazy and I kept putting it off, but I’ll get there eventually.

Anyway. I’ll keep this short and sweet (hopefully).

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