10 Fantasy Series to Read in 2021

I’ve made this post for 2019 and 2020 and I’ve actually made some progress, though it is…slow going (series are LONG okay). Because of that, there’s going to be a lot of repeats here, but some new series I’d like to begin or finish up as well.

I’m also no longer being a stickler about waiting for a series to finish before starting it, because now that I’m doing my own summaries of fantasy installments, I don’t have as much of a problem when it comes to remembering things, since my summaries prioritize everything that I personally want prioritized, or the little details that I, specifically, would be more likely to forget.

The series I am prioritizing tie in to one of my 2020 goals, which is to finish some of the many, many books I own physical copies of, so you’ll notice that most of these series I actually own, which in theory should help me to read them, since they’re, you know, right there.

The Divine Cities

This has been on my list since 2019. I read the first book back when it was first published and very much enjoyed it. The next two books feature different protagonists, and I was reluctant to part with the heroine of the first book, because I adored her. But I’ve heard the last two books are just as good, and I’d really like to round up this trilogy, because I enjoy the author’s worldbuilding, and I would also like to get to his other series!

The Queens of Renthia

Another series that I’ve had on my list for a couple of years, and yet another one where I read the first installment and loved it but definitely need to re-read to continue. What I mainly remember is that the first book had an absolutely bloody, mind-blowing ending, and also that it seemed to be building up one of the characters to be a major villain who will return in the conclusion. I’m excited!

The Queen of the Tearling

Also has been on my list since 2019, also another where I’ve read the first installment and enjoyed it. I am mainly very curious about the very divisive conclusion. I also have ebook copies of the entire trilogy now, which I did not before, so I have zero excuse for delaying at this point.

The Witchlands

SO I had initially thought I would wait until this series was finished, but as I said, my personal summaries should fix this issue, which is great, because the author takes a long time to publish these, so I’d likely have to wait a few more years, and I…really do not want to do that, especially when there’s three perfectly good books waiting to be read, with another coming out later this year. I love the worldbuilding and magic of this series, and it’s just so well-written, particularly the action/fight scenes, which I normally glaze over!

The Masquerade

Again, I read the first installment right when it came out, loved it, have forgotten it entirely, and need to re-read it to continue the series! There is, I believe, one more book still coming out to finish up the series, but there is no title or release date as of yet, so it might be some time, especially as I believe the author was having some significant mental health struggles at the start of this year which no doubt delayed him. But anyway, from what I do remember, this series is a richly detailed and devastating look at how colonialism can twist you. It’s also about making terrible choices, which I think is part of the author’s brand based on the short stories of his I’ve read!

Something Dark and Holy

It’s rare that I enjoy a YA fantasy series anymore, but I do enjoy this one! I read the first installment back when it was an ARC, and I’d been excited for the series ever since I saw the Twitter pitch for it way back when, before the author even had an agent, I think. The final book in the series comes out later this year; I own the first two so I’ll read those in preparation and then buy the third when it comes out. This is a series I enjoy so much I actually want to own it all in hardcover (it helps that the books are GORGEOUS, covers and spine and all). It’s very Gothic but also doesn’t take itself too seriously, a very winning combination.

The Winnowing Flame

Finally, a totally brand new trilogy, one which I’ve not yet read any part of! This series has always been vaguely on my radar but I went out and bought the first book when I heard Elliot Brooks on YouTube rave about it! It seems like a very complex and detailed adult fantasy series, with lots of different mythos. I’m very excited to try it out!

The Risen Kingdoms

Another fantasy series that will be brand new to me, huzzah! I own the first two books in hardcover because I found them on BookOutlet and I love how the covers and their spines look, and I have an ARC of the final book, so, again, no excuse, I can easily binge this. I believe this is kind of a steampunk series, but also with magic and musketeers and there’s an arranged marriage trope? It sounds great, and I really, really want to love it.

The Long Price

I actually own the omnibus edition of this, so all four books are in a single gigantic volume, which should make it easier to binge (I am definitely still gonna count them as separate books, though). I’ve been wanting to try Daniel Abraham’s work for a long time now, and I hear that this series in particular is very smart, if not necessarily the most fast paced or exciting. It’s supposed to be very political and has great payoff.

The Black Jewels

Once again I own an omnibus edition rather than these rad mass market editions, but alas. Anyway, this is a very old series, first published in 1998, which is awesome because I’ve been wanting to read some older fantasy series! Generally, the chatter I’ve heard about this one is that it’s enjoyable but extremely problematic, which is…fitting for a series published in 1998, I suppose. I’m not sure what exactly makes it problematic, but I look forward to finding out.

Well, that’s quite a lot, but I remain optimistic. Have you read any of these series? Heard anything interesting about any of them? Planning to read any of them? Let me know!

3 thoughts on “10 Fantasy Series to Read in 2021

  1. I also read/enjoyed the first Queen of the Tearling book and have the rest but will need a reread now in order to continue. And the Queens of Renthia series is one I’ve been wanting to try! Also curious about Wicked Saints, though I’ve not seen anything that’s fully convinced me yet. I’d love to see your thoughts on all three if/when you get to them! Best of luck with your series reading this year. 🙂

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  2. This fantasy book recap tumblr is a godsend!!! holy hell, it’s a wonder that i’ve never heard of it until now. very curious to hear your thoughts about the divine cities trilogy because i really enjoyed it when i first read it. never heard of risen kingdom, but the covers look gorgeous, so i’m down to give it a try. welp, hope you have a dope reading year.

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    1. That’s because I just created it haha! I was so frustrated with other recap sites because they never prioritized the details I needed, so I decided to just make my own!

      Risen Kingdoms seems to be a pretty low-key series in that not too many people have heard of it, but I’ve seen lots of people say it’s underrated so I’m looking forward to it! The covers are indeed what first attracted me to it.



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