Hair Product Review: Camille Rose Honey Hydrate Leave-In

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Once upon a time I wanted to make YouTube videos about curly hair product reviews, but since that didn’t exactly pan out, I decided to talk about hair products here on my blog instead, because why not? After all, I contain multitudes.

Camille Rose

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 7.15.57 PM

Honey Hydrate Leave-In


What It Is: Leave-in.

Slip: I would describe this product as…gelatinous. It feels almost exactly like honey, but the oils added to it give it some extra slip. It definitely feels a bit sticky as it goes on, though. Also, weirdly, it heats up in your hands.

Moisture: Honestly??? I couldn’t even tell you??? This is the weirdest product I’ve ever used. My hair stayed wet for TWO DAYS. I guess that means it was moisturized? Maybe? Plus my hair was so, so sticky.

Shine/Frizz Factor: My hair was both greasy and frizzy from the moment I applied this product to two days later, when it STILL hadn’t dried. Awful.

Definition: I had ZERO definition. My curl pattern was a gigantic mess; my hair turned into greasy waves. It was also stringy and crunchy in random places.

Smell: It’s not a horrible smell when it first goes on, but it’s very, very strong. It smells like honey that’s gone bad. As it dries, the smell gets stronger, and much worse. And since this product never dries, I ended up having to throw away the scrunchies I used because they smell terrible.

Packaging: Fine. Nothing to write home about. Doesn’t seem like I would have to struggle too much to get the product out.

Price: Relatively expensive for only 9oz, coming in at around $15.

Overall: This is the worst product I’ve ever used. EVER. I purchased this because it has rave reviews, so I don’t know if I got a bad batch or if there’s something about my hair that doesn’t like these ingredients, because my hair has never looked worse. And what’s up with it just never drying??? I literally couldn’t last more than two days with this product on my hair because it was damp and sticky and smelled awful. This is the first time that I’m going to have to toss a product in the trash because there’s absolutely nothing I can do with it. Also, it ruined one of y shirts by staining it with oil!

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