Hair Product Review: Soultanicals Marula-Muru Moisture Guru

hair product 2

Once upon a time I wanted to make YouTube videos about curly hair product reviews, but since that didn’t exactly pan out, I decided to talk about hair products here on my blog instead, because why not? After all, I contain multitudes.



Marula-Muru Moisture Guru


What It Is: Leave-in. I think. It might be a styler.

Slip: This is a very thick product, but it goes on pretty smoothly. My hair wasn’t soaking wet when I applied it, yet it glided onto my strands.

Moisture: This is probably the best thing this product has going for it. It made my hair so soft and moisturized for days. On the other hand, it also made my hair greasy.  It wasn’t excessive or anything, but if I ran a hand over my hair I’d have to immediately wash it, which is not great.

Shine/Frizz Factor: My hair was super shiny and I had almost no frizz!

Definition: My curls were super defined and bouncy! Like, super bouncy, to the point where I felt like my hair shrunk and lost a lot of length.

Smell: This is the main problem I have with this product. While initially the smell is pleasant enough, kind of like mashed banana, when it dries it shifts into something far…earthier. It almost smells a bit like henna, which is not exactly a bad smell, but it’s not something I want to be smelling all the time either. It would be one thing if it were mild but it’s really, really strong and sticks to your strands; even when I was washing this product out of my hair I could still get whiffs of the strange earthy smell.

Packaging: Awesome! I love the logo of the brand and their packaging is really fun and colorful. Great aesthetic. Jars are my favorite kind of packaging, since you don’t have so struggle to dig the product out.

Price: Rather pricey for a meager 8oz! It’s approximately $15-17, depending on where you purchase it from.

Overall: Smell is such a subjective thing, but I really hated this smell, and the grease factor isn’t winning me over either. I won’t be purchasing this product again.

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