10 Series to Finish in 2020


I’m really terrible at finishing series. Mainly, it’s because my memory is garbage, and so by the time a sequel comes out I’ve forgotten absolutely everything and have to re-read, and I’m really lazy about re-reading. Plus I have a short attention span and 99% of the time I prefer standalones or companion novels. But, mainly the memory thing, and because of that, I made the executive decision not to read series until they are complete, or nearly complete. So, I’ve been waiting and waiting on some of my favorite books to finish up so that I can finally get the payoff I’ve been waiting for.

Here are some of the series I plan to get to this year, in order of how likely I am to get to them!

The Diviners Quartet

I first read The Diviners back in…2013, I think? Whenever it was that it came out! I was already a huge Libba Bray fan, having just come off her Gemma Doyle series, so I was rabidly following her career. Since it’s been so long, I remember almost nothing about the first book except that I loved it and found it delightfully creepy! The last book came out just a couple of months ago, and my library has all four as ebooks, and they are no waiting patiently on my Kindle. I fully mean to read them in October, because there’s no better time for this series.

(These Australian covers, and the very first US Hardcover edition of the first book, are the only covers I will acknowledge.)

The Daevabad Trilogy

I read The City of Brass as an ARC, before it came out, and fell completely in love. I started recommending it to everyone I know, even people who don’t usually read fantasy. Even though I read it relatively recently, it was so absolutely dense and full of complex political intrigue that there is absolutely no way I could jump back in without re-reading the first book. The final book will be published in June, and at that point, I would like to treat myself by purchasing these three gorgeous books and bingeing them!

(Also, this is random, but I can I just say how much it’s bothering me that the third book’s cover is bordered on the sides when the first two aren’t??? Like, why???)

The Poppy War Trilogy

Again, I read The Poppy War right when it came out, and then promptly forgot like 80% of the plot, so I gotta go back and re-read! The final book comes out in November, so once that happens, I will check out all three of these books from the library and binge read them!

The Dark Days Club Trilogy

This series is slightly different than the rest, in that it’s the only non-high fantasy, and it’s also the only one that I don’t think I have to re-read (mainly because it’s not high fantasy). It’s historical, takes place in Regency England, and I’ve already read the first two books. I own the third book, have owned it since the book came out two years ago, but for some reason just never got around to it, even though the first two books were my favorites of 2018. It’s just one book! I should be able to get to it and finish up the series.

The Divine Cities Trilogy

A keen observer will recognize that I listed this book in a post about series I intended to finish in 2019 (out of 10, I got to 2). I read the first book a loooong time ago when it first came out, so, again, I’ve forgotten all of it (are you bored yet). I’ve been reluctant to continue only because the main characters of the following two books are different, and I’m not quite sure I’ll get along with them as well as I did with the protagonist of the first book. But Robert Jackson Bennett is nearly done finishing another trilogy (which I’ll read once the third book is published!), so I really would like to get to this before getting to that one.

The Queens of Renthia Trilogy

Another series I shouted out in my 2019 post, and yet another series whose first book needs to be reread. I remember singing the praises of the first book, recommending it to absolutely everyone, and I actually own the first two! I’ll probably buy a cute mass market paperback of the third one and sit myself down and binge. These are relatively short books too, for high fantasy! They’re also vastly underrated.

The Hero Heptalogy

This is a series I actually started this year! I’ve only read the first book, but I adored it so much I went out and bought the sequel (the hideous yet alluring covers definitely played a role in that). This series actually consists of a whopping seven books, but most of them are pretty short, barely three hundred pages, and are very funny and readable. I feel like I could easily binge them all in a week if I put my mind to it. But this also isn’t super duper high priority because it wasn’t a super dense book so I can’t see myself forgetting too much important info, and so I could easily just stretch this out and savor it.

The Lady Janies Trilogy

So, I didn’t love the first book in this series, but it was a good time. The nice thing about this series is that all the books are stand-alones and take place in different time periods. I got the second installment in a book box subscription, and it’s supposed to be a spooky retelling of Jane Eyre where Charlotte and Jane know each other?? It sounds wild and I’m really looking forward to reading it. The third book is supposed to be a Western, which isn’t normally my thing, but I’m still really curious about it? Also, weirdly, I really love the covers for this series, even though I usually despite faces on covers.

The Swords and Fire Trilogy

I rated the first book in this series a solid 3-stars, because while I really enjoyed reading it, I was really annoyed by the characters and the lukewarm romance. However, as I said, it was a fun book, and I really love the author on Twitter, and she seems like the sort of writer who steadily improves with every book, so I’m thinking I might give the second two books in this series a chance if I can get my hands on them, once libraries open back up.

The Witchlands Pentalogy

I’m putting this last not because I don’t absolutely love it, because I do, but because this is slated to be a five book series, and the fourth book doesn’t even have a release date yet! I really shouldn’t start this series because there’s a good chance I’m going to forget important details and will want to go back and re-read again! But I’m so tempted! I keep seeing people talking about things that have happened and I loved the first book so much I really want to experience it again. And I own the first two books, so they’re constantly tempting me. We shall see.

That’s my 10 series for this year! Hopefully I fare better than I did with last year’s series goals…

9 thoughts on “10 Series to Finish in 2020

  1. I’m listening to the last Diviners right now and omg I’m STRESSED. I’d never seen these covers!! So dark, mysterious and glamorous??

    I was not too excited when I heard about who the last Jane would be on the Lady Janies series, but honestly, I’ll read it all the same and probably love it!! Did you see that the next series is a Mary series?


    1. I can’t wait!

      omg I HATE the new US covers so much that I went out and looked up every other edition to find something that looked good. And it’s so sad because the very first US hardcover was GORGEOUS and so fitting for the tone of the book.

      ooh, I had no idea they were doing another series! I wonder which Marys they’re gonna choose!


  2. I’m also annoyed by the US Empire of Gold cover for reasons I can’t completely point out. It doesn’t even really look like the same series? (…and really, why those trees.)
    I finished the second book yesterday and I hope I’ll manage to get an ARC of the third because I know that by June I’ll have forgotten everything. There’s always so much going on in these books and I’m bad at series too.
    Good luck with these!


    1. Oh, I completely feel you on the cover!! I don’t understand why they made such a weird change??? They should have just kept the same bottom border thingy and made it green! It bugs me SO MUCH that the pattern is different in such a small way. (and you’re right why those weird trees??)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I liked the second Daevabad book even more than the first, and am looking forward to finishing that series this year as well! I also want to finish the Lady Janies series this year, after liking but not loving the first book and with higher hopes for the latter two. Also I really need to start The Poppy War!
    But anyway, best of luck to you finishing these series! They all sound great and it’s always rewarding to finish that last book. 🙂


    1. I’m so excited; I LOVED The City of Brass!

      Yeah, the nice thing about the Janies series is that each book is so different, so you never know! Plus I liked the silly and somewhat childish humor.

      omg yes you definitely need to read The Poppy War! It’s definitely gonna become a fantasy classic.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. So many of these serials are on my TBR. I recently finished the first two books in The Daevabad Trilogy, and I loved them so much! They completely changed my love of fantasy (in surprisingly awesome ways) and I’m so excited for the third book, although a bit sad because it’ll be over.

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