2019 Reading Resolutions Update!

end of year: accomplishments and resolutions

Before I post any goals or bookish resolutions for 2020, I should probably revisit my 2019 bookish goals and see how I did.

1. Read at least 70 books. Success! It’ll be 88 books read by the end of the year; less than the 92 I read last year, but not by much. Considering I read more fantasy this year, I’ve probably read more pages.

2. Read more adult high fantasy. Success! I read 10 adult high fantasy books this year, which still isn’t as much as I would like, but I like that I’m increasing the frequency with which I read adult high fantasy. I’m hoping to keep up this momentum going into 2020.

3. Read series in order. I mean, success, kind of? Basically I’ve put on hold all series that are unfinished and have tried my best not to start new series that I know I will want to continue. I’m just. I’m tired of having to struggle through my shitty memory or force myself to reread. It sucks having to wait on brand new releases, but I think ultimately this will pay off, as next year, in 2020, there are three series I adore that are ending, and I will finally be able to read them in their entirety. Oh, but I did finish two whole series this year (The Folk of the Air and Daughter of Smoke and Bone).

4. Read at least one nonfiction book per month (and be less snobby about it). Oh boy. Well, the first part of this was a major fail, but I certainly have managed to be less snobby about nonfiction! I used to read only nonfiction published by a university press, but that’s incredibly stupid. Unfortunately, I think I only read 9 nonfiction books this year, which is way less than I had hoped to; my list of nonfiction TBR has only grown. I’m not sure what’s going on here, as I used to read a ton of nonfiction!

5. Do NOT read more than one fiction book at once. I don’t know why I made this resolution, because it seems like I actually read better when I read more than one fiction book at once? I think I find some weird excitement in having several books going on at a time, and if I get tired of one I can go to another. So this was a fail, but it’s a fail I’m pleased about.

6. Read more classics. Well. I read one classic (Dracula), and it was…fine. So, I’m realizing I never have and never will like classics, at least not in the same way I enjoy modern books. I still want to read a good chunk of them, but I don’t think I have to be super strict with myself about it.

7. Read three hard science-fiction books. I read two books that could be classified as science fiction, but they’re not really the hard science fiction I had in mind. Neither was a particularly great experience. I still have several science fiction books on my list that I would like to get to, but I’m not sure I should carry this resolution with me into 2020.

8. Read for joy. Success, ish. I’ve definitely tried to read older titles or more obscure titles that are not the hyped ones that everyone in the blogging or Booktube community is talking about, though I’m still finding myself getting super caught up by the hype of new releases! But still, I really tried to do mood reading in a big way, and I think I succeeded as well as I could have.

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