5 TV Shows To Binge Watch

5 tv shows t obinge watch

If you know me, you know I watch a ton of television. Like, a truly obscene amount. In fact the reason I probably don’t read as much as I could is because I spent most of my free time watching television. I could spend a lot of time talking about how I think television is just another storytelling medium and is therefore just as respectable as books, but instead I’ll just give you a bunch of TV shows I think make for great binge-watching.



Shetland is my favorite type of show: British crime drama set in a gorgeous, far-flung place. If you liked Broadchurch, you’ll love Shetland! There’s currently five seasons, each with its own separate mystery. Douglass Henshall gives a surprisingly heart-warming performance as good-hearted detective Jimmy Perez. I sped through this series in a matter of days.

Where to Watch: Sadly this is no longer on Netflix, but is available on Amazon Prime through a BritBox subscription or trial.

Derry Girls

derry girls

Derry Girls is set in Northern Ireland during The Troubles, but it’s an absurd comedy focusing on the lives of four teenage girls (and one English boy). There’s only two seasons and each consists of six 30-minute episodes, so you can get through the entirety of this show in a single day. It’s absolutely fucking hilarious.

Where to Watch: Both seasons are on Netflix!

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

miss fisher

Yes, I’m obsessed with crime dramas, but this one’s got a pretty interesting conceit. Miss Fisher is a Modern Woman living in 1920s Australia, and she starts her own detective agency! She ends up working in tandem with a local police officer, with whom she has absolutely smoldering chemistry. Each episode features a different mystery.

Where to Watch: All three seasons are on Netflix!

Better Off Ted

better off ted

If you like office comedies like Parks and Recreation or, well, The Office, you’ll love Better Off Ted. It’s about a young single dad who works at a tech company with very questionable morals and a very odd boss lady (played by Portia de Rossi!). It’s a very humurous, tongue-in-cheek critique of late-stage capitalism and it’s only two seasons!

Where to Watch: It’s available on Hulu!



Historical shows aren’t usually binge-worthy, in my experience, but Harlots is truly the exception. It’s set in the 18th-century and revolves around two rival brothel houses. It’s completely female-driven, with all of its plots centering around all kinds of different women. It’s a thrilling blend of high drama and dark comedy, with the addition of absolutely gorgeous costume work.

Where to Watch: It’s available on Hulu, and the third season is currently airing there!

2 thoughts on “5 TV Shows To Binge Watch

  1. ‘Better Off Ted’ was one that we binge watched, so good. Too bad it flew under the radar and didn’t get much time on the air. Netflix keeps suggesting ‘Derry Girls’ to me so it is in my queue.


    1. Yay!

      omg yes, Derry Girls is so good. I literally just finished the second season like two days ago and already I want to rewatch the entire thing.


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