A Few of My Favorite Things!

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I absolutely love when people post their favorite things posts, and I’ve been wanting to post one of my own for ages and ages, only I’ve always felt like I just don’t have enough things to talk about. I probably still don’t, but I thought I would share the few things I have anyway.


YA Discourse: Witch vs Vulture by Foz Meadows: Every now and again there’s major drama on YA twitter, and it’s so frustrating to watch how it all inevitably goes down. This lengthy essay by author Foz Meadows specifically discusses The Black Witch, so it’s a bit dated, but it applies to essentially every single incident of drama I’ve seen on YA twitter. It talks about nuance and critical thinking and asks folks to understand that for the love of God things aren’t always black and white. It’s brilliant and articulate, the kind of piece that makes my brain giggle in delight.


Lucy Wood on YouTube: Lucy is a British YouTuber who was initially just a beauty vlogger, but I started watching her videos when she started doing clothing hauls and try-ons. Lucy is not plus-sized but not skinny; rather, she falls in that nebulous in-between space that so many of us inhabit. It’s awesome to watch someone with a body similar to mine try on clothes and talk about fashion. But what’s more, Lucy is absolutely hilarious, with a self-deprecating wit that literally has me laughing out loud. She’s also open about having body image issues and keeping up her confidence. She’s so funny and positive and an absolute joy to watch.


Modern Witch Calendar by Camille Chew: I love Camille’s artwork in general, but I especially love her modern witch series. It so perfectly fits in with my aesthetic. Plus the calendar layout is so whimsical, with little blurbs about things like potions and poppets, and every month talks about a different type of animal familiar. The calendar also shows the phases of the moon! I absolutely love it. I’m obsessed with calendars and this is my favorite one of all time; I’ve already pre-ordered the 2020 one! I have it up in my office and it brights up my cubicle.


Marrakech by Riff Cohen: This song is just a great bop. Such a party. All about the beauty of Marrakech, sung in French.

Jenny of Oldstones by Florence + the Machine: The best thing to come out of the last season of Game of Thrones, tbh. This song is hauntingly beautiful and nostalgic.

Habibi by Tamino: This guy’s voice is magic.


One thought on “A Few of My Favorite Things!

  1. I love posts like this too, they’re so fun! Thanks for introducing me to Marrakech, what a perfect summer bop! It makes me happy and nostalgic at the same time ❤️

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