Top 10 Tuesday: Last 10 Books I Added to my TBR

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January 29: The Last 10 Books I Added to my TBR

Yes, it’s Wednesday. But I haven’t posted in over a week. I have two books reviews I need to write but I just haven’t been feeling it, so in the meantime, here are the last ten books I added to my TBR. divider

The Wide Carnivorous Sky 
John Langan

wide carnivorous sky

This is a horror short story collection described as having a “mellifluous” prose style. The stories appear to be influenced by Lovecraftian horror, which is my jam. I’ve been meaning to read more horror and more short stories.

The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All
Laird Barron

the beautiful thing that awaits us all

As I’ve dipped my toes into the world of horror writing, it was impossible not to hear the name of this author everywhere. He is apparently one of the most prolific modern horror writers, but I’ve never read anything by him. But he’s garnered such critical acclaim that I must read his work at some point, and this particular collection seems like his most popular.

Cleopatra: A Life
Stacy Schiff


I debated adding this for a while, but then I figured it’s probably something that I should read. For those of you who may not know, I’m Egyptian, but I know absolutely nothing about Ancient Egypt. It’s kind of shameful. This seems like it’s very well-written and focuses on the world outside of Cleopatra as well as her own life.

The Cold is in Her Bones
Peternelle van Arsdale

the cold is in her bones

This is a YA fantasy novel centered on two young girls. I think it’s meant to be a Medusa retelling, somehow. The summary mentions something about demons and there’s just something about the vibe of this novel that feels creepy and disturbing. I have a feeling it’s going to be very atmospheric. Plus, that title is amazing, and that cover, damn!

Gideon the Ninth
Tamsyn Muir

gideon the ninth

I will pretty much read any newly released high fantasy authored by a woman about a woman, so. The description says the book features “a solar system of swordplay, cut-throat politics, and lesbian necromancers.” Honestly, it sounds so fucking weird and new and different and I’m very excited for it!

The Dollmaker
Nina Allan


I tagged this as “victorian  vibes” on Goodreads, but I have no idea if it’s set in the Victorian era. It sounds like it might be? There’s a character at “an institution on Bodmin Moor” and “old towns of England” and “potent, eldritch stories” that “pluck at the edges of reality.” This sounds like a fantastically eerie blend of historical fantasy and horror and I am here for it.

P.M. Freestone

This is a YA fantasy novel about a poor village girl teaming up with a prince’s bodyguard to catch the prince’s attempted murderer, in a world where “scent has power” whatever that means. I don’t know. This could be terrible, standard YA fantasy fare, I’m really intrigued by this concept of scent having power. Plus, the two covers out for this book are both freaking gorgeous.

Empire of the Vampire
Jay Kristoff

empire of the vampire

I’m pretty sure I choked on my own saliva a bit when I read that not only was Jay Kristoff writing a vampire book but that it’s going to be illustrated by Nan Fe who is one of my fave artists!!! I mean!!! This is described “an illustrated dark fantasy epic; the bastard lovechild of Interview with the Vampire, The Road and The Name of the Wind” like???? I’m over here screaming until 2020.

Master of Sorrows
Justin Travis Call

master of sorrows

This is an upcoming fantasy release that I normally wouldn’t be super interested in, because it’s written by a white man about a white man, but the premise caught my eye: “what if the boy hero and the malevolent, threatening taint were one and the same?” It seems like a really intriguing riff on the Chosen One trope that I’m actually writing in one of my WIPs at the moment, so I’m interested to see how someone else does it!

The Affair of the Mysterious Letter
Alexis Hall

the affair of the mysterious letter

I don’t even know how to describe this book. It’s Sherlock Holmes-inspired fantasy. It seems to be based on Victorian England but it’s not. It’s got sapphic vibes, vampires, and something about freaking Carcosa. I don’t even know. It seems just weird enough to be really, really good.


Woman Crush Wednesday: Mary Queen of Scots (Reign)

It’s somewhat difficult to talk about character development on a show as inconsistent as the CW’s Reign. Particularly in the first season, the show was a complete mess. I’m not even talking about the historical liberties taken with events and costumes. The writing was terrible. It was ridiculously fast-paced, jumping from plot point to plot point sometimes within the same episode, shipping everyone with everyone even when it made no sense, and just generally being reminiscent of a bad high school drama, complete with prom dresses, set in 16th-century France.

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TV Corner: Salem (Season 1)

salem tv

This show is batshit crazy, and I absolutely fucking love it.

The premise is simple enough: what if the Salem Witch Trials had included real witches? But the show then takes that and runs with it, adding original  characters and completely altering historical figures to suit its own needs.

The best aspect of Salem, and therefore the aspect that I will center my discussion around, is the character work. Personally, when it comes to TV shows, I find that it is the characters that determine whether or not I will keep watching a show. The plot can completely derail, but if I have a soft spot for characters, I’ll watch them eat breakfast. I hadn’t expected such nuanced character work from Salem, but nuanced character work is what I got! It helps that we’ve got a stellar cast.

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10 Series I Want to Finish in 2019

I have a short attention span, so it’s often difficult for me to finish series, or to read them in order. Unfortunately, I also have a really terrible memory, which means that if I don’t read it in order, I’ll forget about the first book and have to re-read it if I want to finish the series, which makes me even more reluctant to finish the series. It’s a vicious cycle.

I want things to be different in 2019! One of my resolutions is to read series in order if I’m going to read them at all. This means I will only read completed series. I also plan to return to several completed series that I started in the past years in an attempt to finish them, even if it means re-reading the first book in the series.

Before I get started, shout out to Susan Dennard’s Witchlands series and Libba Bray’s Diviners series, which were both initially going to be on this list because I thought they were trilogies, but it turns out they’re longer. Dennard’s series is going to be FIVE books with two still unannounced and the Diviners still has one book left in it, also unannounced. Guess I’m waiting a few more years before jumping back into these two.

Below are all the series I intend to finish up in 2019!


The Queens of Renthia Trilogy

This is a series that flies completely under the radar for some strange reason. Maybe it’s the generic titles or the generic covers, but this series is far from generic. The Queen of Blood was one of my favorite books of 2017. It’s set in a world where everything in nature has a spirit, and these spirits are vicious and want to murder humans. Sadly I’ve forgotten all the major details so I would need to re-read the first book in order to continue (this will be a running theme), but I definitely want to keep going, as I’ve heard great things about the next two books.

The Queen of the Tearling Trilogy

This is a throwback. I don’t even remember when I read The Queen of the Tearling; it must have been whenever it was first published. I remember very little except for the overarching plot, which is about a young girl becoming queen after the death of her mother and figuring out how to shed her mother’s frivolous reputation and also how to deal with the warmongering neighboring kingdom. I’d really like to finish this series up, especially since it has one heck of a controversial ending! I’d like to see what all the fuss is about. Of course, I would have to re-read the first book.

The Winternight Trilogy

The Bear and the Nightingale was one of my favorite books of 2017. Thankfully I’m pretty certain I don’t have to re-read it to continue the series, but I think it would be helpful for me to skim the last few chapters. The third book is set to be published next month, so I’ll wait in order to read the last two books so that I can read them one right after the other.

The Elemental Blessings Quartet

Oh, these covers. I read Troubled Waters way, way back, but even now I still think it was a very original fantasy. Its worldbuilding is fabulous. The series is a bit heavy on the romance, but I recall that I enjoyed the first book very, very much. Again, I would have to re-read it because I remember very little, so I’m hoping that my tastes haven’t changed and I still enjoy it!

The Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy

This is yet another series I started ages ago and completely forgot about! I recently read Laini Taylor’s newer series and adored it, so I think it’s high-time I go back and finish up her original series. I really liked Daughter of Smoke and Bone when I read it, so I don’t think re-reading should be an issue. And I hear the series gets better as it goes on, so I’m excited!

The Winner’s Curse Trilogy

Okay. Let me just say that I absolutely hate these covers. When these books were published, white girls in ballgowns were a trend for some weird reason. But anyway, covers aside, I keep hearing fantastic things about this series. Originally, I had set it aside as a popular series I would never read because it just didn’t sound that interesting to me, but I’ve heard some things that have changed my mind. I want to at least try it out; if I don’t like the first book, I don’t have to continue. But I want to give it a chance!

The Divine Cities Trilogy

So, there’s a very specific reason I stopped reading this series, even though I loved City of Stairs. The next two books feature different protagonists, and I was reluctant to part with the heroine of the first book, because I adored her. But I’ve heard the last two books are just as good, and I’d really like to round up this trilogy, because I enjoy the author’s worldbuilding. I would definitely have to re-read the first book.

The Raven Cycle

I just read The Raven Boys a few months ago; it was fine, it did not impress me. But I hear that the series gets better and better as it goes on, with books two and three being standouts. Regardless, this is such a popular series in the bookish world that I hate not having read it when it’s talked about all the time. I want to be in the know! I want to have an opinion on the controversial final book!

The Malazan Book of the Fallen Series

Oh boy. Honestly, this is just…wishful thinking, but I’ve been wanting to try out this series for years. I’m just intimidated because it consists of TEN books. Yes. TEN. On the bright side, they’re all published, so if I enjoy the books, that’s great, but it’s still super intimidating. They’re also not easy books to get into, from what I hear; they’re dense and full of hundreds of characters. I feel like I need to set aside a few months just for this series, if I intend to read it in its entirety. But perhaps I’ll give it a go?

The Farseer Trilogy

I will hopefully be buddy reading the first book in this series soon! I’m not sure when this book showed up on my radar, but recently it seems that everyone has been talking about it. I’ve been hearing the author’s name everywhere. This is such a classic fantasy series that genre fans all seem to have read, so I’d really like to see what all the fuss is about.

The Remnant Chronicles

This is another series that I see talked about all the time! The first book has an intriguing hook: the protagonist is running away from an arranged marriage and is being chased by her fiance and…an assassin, I think, but the reader doesn’t know who is who until the very end. I’m not sure how that’s going to work, but I’m definitely curious. People seem to really enjoy this series, so we’ll see!


That’s it! Which of these series have you read? Which do you think I ought to start first? Let me know in the comments!

end of year: scrapbook

2018 Scrapbook

2018 Scrapbook

This is a compilation of all the things that I’ve enjoyed in my year, like music, television, films, and actors. Now that I have an entire blog dedicated to talking about books, I hardly need to include that in the scrapbook, but I still wanted to include my other new discoveries! I’m certainly not including every single thing I watched or listened to, only the things I want to remember. I always have such great fun doing this virtual scrapbook, and it’s nice to look back on it and remember what I enjoyed in particular years. Continue reading “2018 Scrapbook”