Owlcrate July 2018 Unboxing!


Drumroll? Drumroll!

I’ve been so excited for this box! Ever since I heard that the theme would be “Strange & Unusual” I was captivated! I thought it was a strange theme for July, certainly more suitable for October than the midst of summer. I couldn’t for the life of me guess what the book was, since it was described as a “reimagining of a beloved classic novel, mixed with the supernatural fun of Ghostbusters.” It also features a “Victorian Gothic setting” and a “glimpse into the Occult”.

Now that I’ve seen the book and thought about it, it makes sense, but I have to say I was positively shocked at the book choice! I wasn’t expecting it at all! So let’s just get into this so I can talk to y’all about the book!

I got so excited when I saw that Luna sticker I stuck it onto my laptop immediately! I’ve actually been wanting a sticker of exactly that size, and I love that it reads, “You’re just as sane as I am.” What a cool thing to have on a laptop! The other item is a whimsical art print of a whale with books on its back.

Next was a super awesome wallet and phone carrier! It actually fits my huge iPhone and it has so many slots for cards. Sadly, my mom saw this and took it for herself lmao, but that’s okay, I don’t need a wallet. The other item is a flag (I think) to hang up on my wall (I think), and it says “Stay peculiar” which I adore!

Next is a Funko keychain featuring a character from Stranger Things. Apparently you could either get Dustin or Eleven and I got Dustin, unfortunately! But it’s still really cute! Then there’s a delightfully creepy skull pin. In the other picture, I have a vial of skull pushpins that I’m excited to use at work. There’s also a novelty Ouija-themed tin full of mints!

Aaaaand the book of the month is MY PLAIN JANE by…eh, too many people to name. Are you surprised? I was SO surprised. First off, I thought this book came out ages ago. Second, when Owlcrate said “Ghostbusters” I immediately thought of a modern setting, though I guess the “Victorian Gothic” should have tipped me off otherwise djklajflal. Finally, I had this categorized in my head a sequel, which Owlcrate doesn’t do, but I guess it’s technically a stand-alone.

I hadn’t planned on reading this book at all, actually; after having seen a few negative reviews I actually removed it from my TBR. But now that I’m actually reading the summary and descriptions of it I think this might be right up my alley! I think the people who have read it already disliked it because they’re Jane Eyre purists, which I am definitely not (I am STILL reading Jane Eyre). This actually sounds like it’ll be really fun!

And would you look at that cover!!! It’s an Owlcrate exclusive and I love the purple and lime so much more than the original blue and gold. This looks so much more striking and is definitely a lot spookier and more Gothic. Honestly, it just looks so gorgeous that even if I don’t end up reading it I’ll just want to have it on my shelves, because even the spine is vibrant.

3 thoughts on “Owlcrate July 2018 Unboxing!

  1. I love this box! My daughter gets Jr. and she wasn’t pleased this month. Hopefully next month will be better. Hope you love the book! ❤

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