FairyLoot April 2018 Unboxing


I am incredibly late with this FairyLoot unboxing (the May boxes should be arriving any day now!) but perhaps that’s fitting given how late the April box was.  But anyway, there were some cool things in this box, so here we go!

So first we have this Narnia travel mug! It’s sooooooo colorful; I wasn’t really able to take a pic that could do it justice. It’s got a map of Narnia and the mug cover has a FairyLoot logo and overall it’s just soooo pretty.  I haven’t tried it out yet to see how it handles hot drinks, but I’ll probably end up using it for my iced coffee anyway.

Lots of cards this time! Of course there’s the spoiler card, which features a lovely WOC on a unicorn. Then there’s a signpost card with various fantasy lands. Then there’s card featuring the two main characters from the book of the month!

Okay, GUYS, I don’t even use tote bags, like ever, but I may have to make an exception for this bag, because it’s freaking GORGEOUS. First of all I love that quote, and the design of this thing is incredible; it’s so colorful and vibrant! And I love the luggage tag; the last HP luggage tag I had got lost, so I’m happy to have a new one!

I LOVE THAT PIN. I really love items where it’s not easy to tell where the thing is from and it could conceivably be from anything at all, so I love the Pegasus. Is it a Percy Jackson thing? Is it a Greek mythology thing? Who knows! Can’t wait to pin it to my work bag. The notepad is pretty cool too; I’m always scribbling things down to remember them. Apparently it’s from The Darkest Minds series which I don’t really care about at all, but it’s a cool quote.

Some miscellaneous items! The spoiler card bookmark and a Fates Divide book mark along with an Ace of Shades pin! Gotta say, I adore the pin, and I just read Ace of Shades and liked it a lot, so I’m excited to pin this onto my work bag!

The book of the month is Beyond a Darkened Shore by Jessica Leake, which I had glanced at a few months ago and determined that I did not really want to read lmao. I guess I’m gonna have to give it a shot now.  Plus the cover is cool; the gold lettering is really bright in person. Also I love the candle, which is themed to the book, and it smells really clean.

So yay, that’s this month’s FairyLoot haul!

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