FairyLoot March 2018 Unboxing

I have been wanting to subscribe to FairyLoot for ages. But I was leery of the cost. I still am, if I’m being honest. This book subscription service is hella expensive, especially since it has to ship from the UK…the shipping prices alone make my eyes bug out. But I have been wanting it for so long I said YOLO and decided to spring for a three-month subscription. March is my first month, and it just so happens to be the anniversary month, so the box is a lovely purple shade, and everything within was delightful!

First there’s the spoiler card, which is lovely, and there’s a Belles bookmark! I admit, when I first saw the Belles insignia I freaked out a bit because I thought it was this month’s book, and I’ve read it already! There’s also a Belles pin which I’m too lazy to take a picture of because I’ve already pinned it to my bag.

These two items smell sooooo good! Whenever I would watch YouTube unboxings I would always roll my eyes at how the YouTubers exaggerated how good things smell, but now I know, these things do smell delectable! The Goblet of Fire candle smells like chocolate but not in a saccharine way at all! The pink soap smells just like candy; I’m so excited to use both of these items!

I had no idea what either of these things were when I first opened the box, haha! The “Toast to the Warden of the North” is not, as I first thought, tea, but rather hot chocolate! To this day I’ve yet to taste a hot chocolate that I actually like, so I’m excited to see what this will turn out to be like. As for cork bunting, I feel like it’s the sort of thing I would actually get a lot of use out of because I have way too many small papers lying around, but I’m not sure where to put it? My room is small and it is A Mess. Should I save it until I move to a new house?

A scarf! It’s a Shadowhunters-themed scarf, with runes! At first, this scarf smelled something awful, almost like gasoline, and not the good kind. Now that I’ve aired it out the smell seems to have dissipated but I still intend to wash it before wearing it. It’s made out of 93% viscose, so that’s good quality!

And finally, the book! I was shocked to find that I have never heard of either this book or this author, though she is apparently a bestseller? When I looked up her previous book on Goodreads I recognized it by the title but I have no idea what it’s about or if it’s good. This book is high-fantasy and features a map, however, so I’m sold!

And that’s it! I have to tell you guys, this unboxing was probably the most exciting thing I’ve done all year. (Is that sad? It’s probably a little sad.) I made sure not to look up anything about this box online so that I could be surprised! And I was! I love the thrill of discovery with box subscriptions; it’s such a delight to be surprised and have all this cute stuff along with a book at the end of it! I’m seriously worried I’m going to end up renewing my subscription at the end of the three months, despite the expense…

What do you guys think? Is FairyLoot worth the exorbitant amount of money it costs? What are some of your favorite book subscription boxes?

7 thoughts on “FairyLoot March 2018 Unboxing

  1. Hmm, Unicorn Crate is a fantasy-only based US book subscription. Litjoycrate and Owlcrate do a mixed selection of books, so you never know what genre it will be but I think Owlcrate is doing more fantasy/science fiction these days.

    There are some very decent and somewhat less expensive US- based boxes such as the ones I listed once your subscriptions runs out, if you’re interested. They have all surprised me in some way. It just depends on what sort of books/themes you’re looking for. Happy Unboxing!


    1. Oh, interesting, I hadn’t heard of Unicorn Crate, but it looks really cool! I like that it’s YA Fantasy too, like Fairyloot.

      Owlcrate is the other one I really wanted, but like you said, it’s not always fantasy and I’m not a huge fan of YA contemporary.

      I really like the look of Unicorn Crate, though, thank you for recommending it!


  2. I haven’t heard of State of Sorrow either but that is a gorgeous cover! And I also don’t like hot chocolate but I had the most AMAZING hot chocolate in Belgium that changed my life and I will now never settle. Anyway I wish there were adult lit subscription boxes like this where the book is a surprise and you get swag – I love BOTM but it is… not exactly a revelation when I open the box and find the book I ordered. (Or maybe these do exist for adult lit and I am not aware~)


    1. It is!

      OMG, I would imagine Belgian hot chocolate would be amazing!!

      There are SO MANY book subscription boxes out there I would think there must be one for adult lit! Have you looked at CrateJoy? They don’t have every single book subscription box out there but a good amount! Also check out this list: https://www.buzzfeed.com/farrahpenn/book-subscription-boxes-for-every-type-of-reader?utm_term=.hrKVX5lZWN#.sl7QyPR3Zn

      I haven’t gone through the whole thing, but one of the subscriptions, Page Habit, lets you pick what genre you want, and literary fiction is one of the genres!

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      1. OMG I had no idea there were so many adult lit ones!!! Actually now that you mention it I have heard of Page Habit but was turned off because of the cost, which I guess is going to be the issue with any of these… but this is definitely the kind of thing I’m going to want to indulge in at some point.


      2. OH NICE!!! Yeah, most of these book subscription boxes are SO EXPENSIVE it’s ridiculous..but I GUESS I understand, I’m sure the packing and shipping costs are no joke.

        But anyway, do it tbh, YOLO.

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