5 thoughts on “Wrap-Up: January

  1. Damn this is SUCH a great month of reading, I’m happy for you! Do you want to buddy read Freshwater or Girls Burn Bright?? (I’d say Circe but I want to finish my Odyssey re-read first and also I told Ashley she could read it before me, so idk when the stars will align to allow me to finally read this damn book.)


    1. omg YES I actually was going to ask you the same thing!! Do you plan to read them both this month, then? As soon as I finish Stalking Jack the Ripper I’ll be ready to start one of them. Any thoughts on which to go for first?

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      1. Let’s do Freshwater first since the pub date is Feb 13 and GBB isn’t until March. Will you be done Jack the Ripper this weekend do you think? Anyway, just lmk when to start and I am on it!


      2. Sounds good! Yes, the plan is to finish it off this weekend; I only have half of it left and it’s an easy, light read. I will let you know when!

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