Fancast: Hadestown on Broadway


Hadestown began as a concept album, way back in 2010.  I fell in love with it immediately, and spent years envisioning how it might be adapted for the stage. In 2016, my dreams came true, and the New York Theater Workshop turned Hadestown into a production which I loved.  Following the successful run at the NYTW, Hadestown went up to the Citadel Theater in Canada in what many are saying is a pre-Broadway run.  I have no doubt that the show will indeed find its way to Broadway soon!

Now, I’m also pretty sure that many of the current cast members will go to Broadway with it, given that some of them are relatively big in theater (Patrick Page, Amber Gray). I do like the current cast, but, as these things always go, I still have a dreamcast in mind, which I will discuss below.  I’ve made sure to embed pertinent videos showcasing the actors’ voices as well, so be sure to check those out!


Leslie is best known for playing Aaron Burr on Broadway’s Hamilton.  I don’t actually think it’s likely at all that he would be cast in this role, given the tendency to cast Orpheus as young skinny white boys (Damon Daunno, Reeve Carney), but I think Leslie would give the role the depth and charisma it really deserves. Not only that, but his voice is as smooth as caramel, rich and velvety, with a hint of darkness.  Orpheus is Hades’ foil – he is the light to Hades’ darkness, yes, but like yin and yang, there is a hint of darkness to Orpheus as well, which is more clearly heard on the 2010 album.  I think Leslie could bring that to the forefront, along with a gravitas and maturity that is missing from the current incarnations of Orpheus.


Eva has just recently finished off a run playing the lead role on the Broadway revival of Miss Saigon. Sadly, I wasn’t able to go see her in the production, but I’ve watched countless YouTube videos of her perform, because her voice is just ridiculous. She’s a total powerhouse, with a voice that seems like it could bring the house down.  It’s deceptively powerful coming from someone so young and tiny and delicate, but it’s perfect for Eurydice.  Eva’s got this innocence and grace but an inner mischievousness that will really bring out the tragedy in Eurydice’s fall to the underworld.


Don’t let his looks fool you. First of all, despite how young he looks, Lucas is actually older than Leslie at 38 years old! Second, though he’s got the disarmingly handsome boy next door look, picture him more like he is in that center picture, only with heavily slicked back platinum blonde hair.  But more than his looks, Lucas has got the range to play Hades.  In his recent Great Comet run as Anatole Kuragin, his voice was able to hit ridiculously high notes, but he was also able to bring it down to a heavy bass.  He’s an absolutely incredible and charismatic performer; he was mesmerizing as Anatole Kuragin, and I have no doubt that magnetism would translate well to a role as Hades.


Jasmine has been my Persephone fancast from the minute I saw her play Maria Reynolds in Hamilton.  She’s everything I ever envisioned Persephone to be, from her looks to her smile to her unbelievable, out-of-this-world, sultry voice. I could listen to her holding a single note for hours. She’s also got that added quirkiness that seems to be necessary for Hadestown’s Persephone.  But seriously, her freaking voice.  It’s like…picture the perfect 1920s jazz singer. That’s Jasmine. Given that Hadestown takes place in a Depression-era alternate universe, who better to play the goddess of spring and the underworld?


Okay, so, here’s the thing: Chris Sullivan originated the role of Hermes in the NYTW’s production. And he was just…so fantastic my brain could not fucking handle it. I literally cannot envision anyone else in this role, anyone else who could possibly play it better than Chris.  He just…my god, he brought Hermes to life in a way I had never imagined.  He was just…so fucking good, guys. Last I heard he was starring in This is Us (which I should probably watch one of these days) but perhaps he might have a chance to reprise his role at some point? Sadly I could not find a live video of him as Hermes, but the following is him on the cast album, so you can at least hear his voice even if you can’t see the charisma he brings to the role!

Have any of you seen Hadestown live, or listened to the 2010 album? Do you have thoughts on the casting? Let me know in the comments!

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