Wrap-Up: October

  • The Library of Fates by Aditi Khorani (★★★★☆)
  • Now I Rise by Kiersten White (★★★★☆)
  • Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier (★★★★☆)
  • The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin (★★★★☆)
  • Roar by Cora Carmack (★★☆☆☆)


A solid reading month. Nothing really got me in the gut, but I loved most of these books! Roar was the only one I really detested.  Look at that cover, though! I really love how it looks in this graphic. If I ever get published I would kill to have a cover like that.  Alas.  I’m also not quite sure how I read only five books this month when last month I read four including War and Peace.  Maybe it’s because I had been reading one of those books from last month forever…

Anyway! I’m still reading the same non-fiction book from last month, which is Before They Were Belly Dancers: European Accounts of Female Entertainers in Egypt, 1760–1870 by Kathleen W. Fraser.  Again, I’m only reading from this like an hour a week, so it’s slow going. Plus I’m savoring it.  It’s literally giving me thrills as I read it (yes, I am a nerd).  I just started Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie Dao yesterday! I can’t believe I managed to get it out of the library so quickly.

This month I’m also buddy reading Wuthering Heights with Rachel.  And I just bought Jane Eyre, so I hope to read that as well.  I hope I continue to enjoy my foray into the ~classics.  Finally, I also recently acquired The Bloodprint by Ausma Zehanat Khan, which I’m really excited to read.

Happy Halloween!

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