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I was nominated by the lovely Chelsea @ Spotlight on Stories! Thank you so much for the nomination; I love things like this!


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7 facts

  1. 95% of my family lives in Cairo, Egypt.  It absolutely sucks because I miss them all the time, plus I’m never there for big events like weddings, births, baby showers, etc. I visit as often as I can, but transatlantic flights ain’t cheap, so I end up missing a lot of their lives.
  2. I went to twelve different schools before college.  My parents were always moving back and forth between New York and Cairo, sometimes every other year, so we were never in one place for too long.  Also, my mother had really high standards for schools, particularly in Egypt, so if I was in a school for a year and she didn’t like it she’d move me to a different one.
  3. I love children, but I don’t want any of my own.  Like, I enjoy spending time with kids (especially babies!) but I also like knowing that at the end of the day I still have my peace and freedom. My brother wants several kids, so I’m very excited at the prospect of being an aunt and babysitting a lot. But the idea of having to care for another human being for the rest of my life with no respite freaks me out.
  4. I can’t sing to save my life, but I really, really wish I could.  I’m not tone-deaf, exactly, but I struggle to carry a tune and my voice isn’t the greatest.  Oddly enough, though, I’ve been told by several people that I’m really good at rapping.  But I’d be happier to be able to sing like Jasmine Cephas-Jones, who has the best voice in the world, hands down.
  5. I own one single pair of jeans because 99% of the time I’m wearing a dress of some sort. I never thought I would be the sort of person who eschews pants, but I’m very taken with how pretty dresses are.  Also, they’re suuuuuuper comfortable and versatile. I can pair them with leggings in the winter when it’s cold and wear them with shorts in the summer when it’s hot.  They’re fabulous, and they’re sucking my bank account dry.
  6. I’m casually interested in Wicca and paganism. I have a couple of intro books and my shelf, and I also have a deck of tarot cards and a how-to book for tarot. I’m not actually a believer, but I think the aesthetic of witchcraft as a religion is really cool.
  7. In the third grade, I was going to school in Egypt, and I was best friends with this boy.  We were both nerdy and liked to read, so we got along. A few months into the school year, this group of girls began to spread some nasty rumors about us, like that we were seen making out and going into a single bathroom stall together.  A group of boys began to call my friend a sissy for only hanging out with a girl.  These were Very Serious rumors so they made it all the way to the principal and ended with the girls begging me not to have their parents called in.  I relented and forgave them and they became my friends but my guy friend and I stopped hanging out. I tell this story because I think it’s hella weird for this to happen to a bunch of third graders, but also because I remember distinctly that after all this happened to my guy friend and I, one of us approached the other hoping to keep hanging out, but was turned away. Only, I can’t remember who rejected the other.

i nominate

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Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite SFF Cover Art

I think I may be cheating a little bit by including various covers and pretending a series is one book, but…alas. There are too many pretty covers for me to choose just five.

1. Uprooted by Naomi Novik

I read this book when it first came out in hard cover, so, the middle cover. I was so pleased to see that the covers of the following editions similarly conveyed the old-world fairy tale feel of this novel.

27827627    22544764   25068467


2. The Dreamblood Duology by N.K. Jemisin

I’ve mentioned this series before, but it bears mentioning again! These covers are absolutely gorgeous.  Bright, vivid colors, contrasting symbolism of moon and sun, clean typology, and an old-school fantasy feel. The Dreamblood duology is probably my favorite Jemisin work. I don’t actually own these books yet, but I will soon!

11774272   11774295


3. The Mara Dyer Trilogy by Michelle Hodkin

I’m not going to shout about the quality of these books, as that is dubious, but I have to admit that what first drew me to this series was these beautiful, compelling covers.  Whether or not this series qualifies as fantasy is dubious, I think, but eh, these are great covers.

11408650   13643567   15768409


4. The Diviners by Libba Bray

This is probably more of a historical fantasy novel, as it takes place in the 1920s New York City, but the covers are so lovely I’m including it anyway.  This is an entertaining book, but it also managed to give me chills down my spine. I really need to read the sequel, but I should probably do a re-read first, since I’ve forgotten most of what happened.

15780558   7728889


5. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
This is an absolutely magical book that I really need to re-read one of these days.  I always loved the hardcover version, but I really hated the paperback version that came out right after, so I’m pleased to see that another paperback version has come out! I’ve been meaning to buy this book, so I think I’ll go with this new paperback edition.

31114367   9361589


Honorable Mentions:

Servants of the Storm by Delilah S. Dawson is a delightfully creepy Southern Gothic novel.  I absolutely love the strangeness of the cover, with the bleak background and the oddly tilted girl. The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco has a gorgeous design, but also, look at that incredible shade of purple!

19695718   30095464

Woman Crush Wednesday: Juliet Burke (Lost)

When we first meet Juliet Burke, she is an absolute enigma. Who is she, really? What does she want? More importantly, whose side is she really on? As it turns out, knowing where her loyalties lie is moot, since Juliet herself doesn’t always know which side she’s on. She shifts allegiances depending on what works best for her at any given time. However, once she does decide to have someone’s back, you have her loyalty forever, no matter what.

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