Get to Know Me Tag

My friend Rachel @ paceamorelibri just did this meme/tag, and it looked like fun, so I thought I’d do it as well! Sorry I stole so many of your answers, Rachel…

Name: Hadeer

Nicknames: Nothing official, but family members have been known to call me Haddoora, Dorra, or Hood-Hood.

Birthday: February 5.

Star Sign: Aquarius.

Occupation: Librarian. Sort of. My title isn’t officially “librarian”, but I do basically everything an academic librarian does, and I’m earning my Masters in Library Science starting this summer.  So, close enough.


Hair color: Very dark brown, nearly black.

Hair length: Okay, so, when it’s stretched out, it’s about bra length. When it’s dry and succumbing to shrinkage, it sits right at my shoulders.

Eye color: Brown.

Best feature: Hair.  Kind of amazing considering I used to hate my year only two years ago.

Braces: Never.

Piercings: My ears.

Tattoos: None, and I don’t want any.  It’s not the needles/pain, it’s my personality.  I get really intensely obsessed with certain things for years, and then the obsession fades and I’ll find a new thing.  At this point in my life I’d probably get a tattoo of a line from the Iliad or something, and in ten years I’d look at it and go ‘Rachel why.’  /Rachel

Right or left: Right handed, left politically.  /Rachel


Holiday: Probably Eid?

Best Friend: Shereen, who is still my best friend to this day! Our parents knew each other from ~the old country~ so naturally we grew up together.

Award: No idea.

Sport: My earliest memory involving a “sport” is me in a single gymnastics class that one of my friends took part in.  Otherwise, nothing. My parents never put me in any sport, and I’m not really big on exercise, to put it mildly.

Concert: I’ve never been to one!


TV shows: Argh, I used to think Once Upon a Time, but that’s been crap lately.  Elementary is the show I look forward to most each week, but I don’t know if it’s my favorite. Honestly, maybe Avatar: The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra? I’m also fond of Legend of the Seeker, Friends, Desperate Housewives (I know), Parks and Recreation, iZombie, The Americans, Agents of Shield, Jane the Virgin, The Good Wife, and Grey’s Anatomy.  I don’t know. I watch way too much television to be able to answer this properly.

Color: Purple. Also yellow, blue, and pink.

Song: I…definitely cannot choose just one so I’ll pretend this is asking about favorite bands and singers.  Those would be The Moulettes, Mashrou’ Leila, Florence + the Machine, Faia Younan, and anything to do with Hamilton.

Restaurant: There’s this Japanese restaurant called Sakura in Queens that I’m fond of.

Shop: Not sure.  Is it weird if I say grocery stores? I love grocery shopping really late at night.

Books: I’ll pretend this is asking for genres, so I’ll say fantasy and YA.

Shoes: I have this pair of boots from Target that I love.  See, my calves are normally too big to fit into standard knee-high boots, but they’re way too small for extended width boots.  So this pair of Target boots comes with laces so you can make the calf as big or small as you need! Incredible.


Feeling: Excited! I’m visiting my friend Rachel in Vermont tomorrow.

Single or Taken: Single.

Eating: I just had a spoonful of peanut butter, because I do that every now and then.

Thinking About: How long it’s going to take my nail polish to dry.

Watching: Nothing. Listening to Spotify, though.

Wearing: Tank top and sweats.


Want Children: Nope.

Want to be married: I don’t really care either way, to be honest.  If Colin Farrell is single I meet the right person, great.  If I don’t, oh well.  /Rachel

Careers in mind: I’m pretty happy with being a librarian, I think! Hopefully I can also add “published author” to my resume one day.

Where you want to live: Not in New York City is pretty much all I know at this point.  I really, really want to move to California, but it’s so damn far from everyone I know that I’m not sure I’ll be able to stay there forever.  So maybe somewhere closer to NYC but far enough away that I will never even have to think the words “tri-state area.”


God: No.

Miracles: Not really.

Love at first sight: No.  That’s lust, not love.  /Rachel

Ghosts: Not really.

Aliens: Of course.  Probably not little red people who live on Mars and speak perfect English, but it’s impossible that in this vast universe we’re the only sentient life.  /Rachel

Soul Mates: Not in the predestined sense, but I’m sure some people feel that profound connection with their partners, and if they want to call that connection ‘soulmates,’ fine. /Rachel

Heaven: I really wish I did, but no.  /Rachel

Hell: Nope.

Kissing on the first date: Sure.

Yourself: At times.  /Rachel

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