Episode Review: Supernatural 11×22 & 11×23

My beautiful, terrible, trash show. When will I be free of you?

These episodes continued to emphasize the dynamic of Lucifer and God as just a regular ol’ Pop and disgruntled teen. Ridiculous though it may have been, I can’t deny it was amusing to watch Sam and Dean try to work things out between the pair of them. Lucifer holing himself up in “his room” and blasting rock music was a hilarious scene.

Sadly, this episode introduced a super cool and interesting black witch, Clia, only to kill her off. Her conversation with Rowena (the first time this show has passed the Bechdel test in a long, long time) was one of the most engaging and well-written parts of the episode. It’s my own fault that I keep getting my hopes up for this show to actually step outside the box and engage with some diversity. That’s my bad. I need to lower my expectations.

Anyway, the introduction of Clia also confused me, with regards to just how this whole religions/Gods thing actually works. So, Clia is a Pagan, and we’ve seen Pagan Gods on this show before. Are all the Pagan Gods children of Chuck? Do they rule together? Do they share creation? How does any of this work?

In any case, these episodes weren’t terrible; they wrapped up the problem nicely, without requiring either of the Winchester boys to die yet again. There were some anti-climactic moments (God’s death that wasn’t a death, Dean making requests for his funeral and then not dying) but they worked well; generally, I’m not opposed to anti-climactic scenes as long as they fit within the narrative. I think this fit. It was never clear what Amara was going for in the first place, but I think this makes sense. Now that she’s found peace, hopefully we can put this whole thing behind us.

Now, however, I think the show’s canon has clearly established the Winchester boys as Beyond Human. I think now the show can feel free to portray them as demi-Gods, even – they’re on first name basis with God himself, as well as his sister. Dean got the family back together. He could probably ask anything of them and they would give it to him. Case in point: Amara bringing Dean’s mother back from the dead.

I don’t know how I feel about this. On the one hand, it could be very, very cool, since Mary Winchester was a badass Hunter herself. On the other hand, I wouldn’t put it past this show to bring her back for a few episodes only to kill her off again for more Man Angst. Also, having Mary Winchester in the picture changes the dynamic of the show in a big way – it’s not the same kind of vibe when you’re road tripping with your mom. I just don’t know that the show needed to pull this huge stunt. With the introduction of the London chapter of the Men of Letters, they had enough meat to the plot without this.

As for Toni Bevell, well, I’ll keep my opinion to myself until I see how this develops. I doubt they’re setting her and her people up to be the Big Bad of Season 12; I’m sure they’ll only occupy a short episode arc, which will be fine. I’m not really all that enthusiastic about this, but like I said, I will refrain from passing judgement until I see how it plays out in full.

Finally, despite my complaints, this show’s comedy is still gold, and Crowley (oh how the mighty have fallen!) and Rowena are always brilliant together:

Rowena: “Oh God…”
Crowley: “Oh God.


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